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High-end forum for heating
Publisher:VicotRelease time:2017-06-08 11:50
Congratulating warmly the success of Vicot High-end forum for heating about the them“To break the haze, create a blue sky ”.

The forum was held in the Enjoy Hotel, High-tech Zone of Jinan by Shandong branch of Shandong Vicot Solar Technology Co,Ltd and its time was 27th April. It aims to expand general agents channels of the total area of Shandong to seek preferable partner of respective place. We invited agents around the city and give priority to agents who take part in every high-end meeting named “Vicot environmental protection with us”.

At the start of meeting, our company’s chief executive Mr Liwen delivered a welcome speech and introduce honored guest to everyone. Next, specialist of China Energy Conservation Association and the head of Shandong JieNengBan department made a speech named “The current situation and developmental tendency in heating area”.  We also invited chief operating officer of Very Warm Co,Ltd to delivered a speech about Capital operation and exit mechanism of heating mode. In order to make every agents preferably knows our products-Gas Fired Absorption Heat Pump, our company’s head engineer Mr Wang Fengbo give us the data analysis of the mingzhu district in shanghe,Shijiazhuang province to introduce our product’s feature and advantage. Finally, agents exchange respective view.

This forum deepened the understanding of agents to product, as well prompted our feeling. We believe we will have a better development prospect in the future  cooperation with agents.             


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