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Vicot Group Held Successfully the 2016 Annual Business Revie
Publisher:VicotRelease time:2017-04-24 14:08
January 14 to 15 2017, Vicot Group held its 2016 annual sales review and 2017 sales plan conference in it’s headquarter. The participants are all the leaders above vice director rank from management, financial, production, technology and administration departments.
Wang Fengbo, general manager of sales company presided this conference, he summarized the achievement and shortcoming in 2016. Yu Jianwei, sales director of the solar sales company and Liu Rui, sales director of gas sales company had their sales review and reported their achievement and shortcoming in 2016 as well as the plan for 2017.  Li Wen, group chairman, summarized the work in 2016 and made the plan for 2017. Chairman Li pointed out that 2016 was an important turning point for the group development history. Vicot realized its turning with advanced product and technology in the not optimistic economic atmosphere. The sales achievement was not very outstanding in this year, but our sales approach had great development and our team built the foundation stone for our future development. We turned us from a company of traditional product into a company for new energy new technology product in this year.
For the business plan in 2017, Chairman Li pointed out, solar sales company shall complete the solar heating projects in Tibet, the breakthrough in Tibet will make the overwhelming victory in the solar sales and and gas sales company shall continue to establishing developed and effective distributor network for the foundation of overall sales success.
2016 was the year when Vicot realized the great historical change, basing on the foundation built in 2016, 2017 will be the year for Vicot quick development and great success.

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