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Environment Protection and Us Summit held successfully
Publisher:VicotRelease time:2017-04-06 11:39
Vicot group held successfully 4th Environment Protection and Us Summit in Shijiazhuang, Hebei on January 10th 2017.
The leaders and chief engineers are the participants from the following companies, Beijing branch of Sinopec Star Petroleum Ltd., Shanghai SBC Green Building Energy Service Co., Ltd, Liaoning Vicot Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing UN. LANDRUN Energy Saving Technology Development Co., ltd., Jinan Energy Construction & Development Do., Ltd, Shandong branch of Huatong Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Qingdao Zhenhua Curtain Wall Co., Ltd., Qingdao Jiazhebao Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Hebie Chengguang Group, Anyangshi Hengda Artificial Environment Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanxi Yizhongyuan Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., Zhunhua Huatong Thermal Power Co., Ltd. etc..
In the morning of January 10th , the participants visited the Shanhemingzhu community , Shijiazhuang,  project and experienced the heating effect of gas fired absorption heat pump in community. They measured the indoor heating temperature, felt the heating comfort, checked the operation status, noise, calculated the defrost time, recorded the operation data and gas consumption amount and found out the advantage of Vicot gas fired absorption heat pump through those data.

On the afternoon of January 10th, they had deep analysis, explanation and hot discussion on the tops of “the cause of environment pollution”, “The existing status and development trend of heating industry”, “Study on the relation between heating industry market and capital”, “Product technology analysis and profit mode”, “Case study on gas fired absorption heat pump heating reference project”

Chairman, Li Wen, had deep analysis on product technology analysis and profit mode, through the explanation and Q&A, all the distributors and chief engineers had further deep understanding on Vicot gas fired absorption heat pump and the enormous commercial value from the its technology advantage and performance. 

With the conception “the same breath, energy saving together”, Vicot Group is striving to safe guard our blue sky and carry on the energy saving and emission reduction work.
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