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Vicot 2017 Annual Work Summary Commendation Meeting
Publisher:VicotRelease time:2021-05-31 11:06

A ten-year journey in the same boat, building a dream, voyage and creating glory again

Vicot Group annual work summary commendation meeting in 2017 and work deployment meeting in 2018 with the theme of "a ten-year journey in the same boat, building a dream, voyage and creating glory again", was held  on the fifth floor of Aodele Times Square Grandly on February 5, 2018. Li Wen, chairman of Vicot Group, led the system directors, all cadres, and more than 500 employees to gather together to celebrate the New Year and make common development plans.
The meeting officially started at 9 am. Kong Lihua, Director of the General Office of Vicot Group, first read out the meeting schedule and delivered an opening speech. Subsequently, the GAP department, the Solar Energy department and the management functional departments respectively made a comprehensive and detailed report on the work results in 2017 and various work goals and plans in 2018 with all the cadres and employees. They sent a message to 2018 "Together in the boat to create a brilliant future".

Next, the executive president of Vicot Group announced the "Vicot Company's Advanced Commendation Decision in 2017" and "Vicot Company's Science and Technology Progress Award Commendation Decision2017", and made outstanding contributions to each department in 2017. The advanced commendation ceremony and the awarding ceremony of the Science and Technology Progress Award have attracted much attention. The advanced employees have become the focus of the audience. They have successively stepped onto the stage to accept the honorary certificates and special bonuses and prizes awarded by the awarding leaders. They are conscientious and hard-working, using practical actions and strength to inspire everyone to work hard, setting a good example and leading role for the company, and further motivating all the employees to a new level in 2018. Cai Yunfei, the representative of the Science and Technology Progress Award, said: "The grade will be the starting point for hard work in the future. We will continue to strive for progress, improve ourselves through continuous learning, and repay the company with better results."

After the awards, Li Wen, chairman of Vicot Group delivered an important speech. He first expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the winners and pointed out that talents are the core element of the healthy development for an enterprise. We must attach great importance to the cultivation of talents and the rational use of it at work. Mr. Li said that the talent is the sum of learning ability and working ability. Only by persisting in learning and working hard can the value of a person be reflected. The continuous improvement of personal value is the foundation of a person. Similarly, the foundation of an enterprise is the value it can create for employees and society. "One Dream, One Team, for Society, for Staff" is the corporate goal that our company has always been adhering to. Under the current favorable situation of the country advocating green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, our company has independently developed, produced, and operated new energy products such as gas fired air source absorption heat pump units and solar series products, and its technological level has reached the forefront of the world. Media such as the Xinhua Major and society and industry associations highly affirmed and promoted our products. Subsequently, Mr. Li deployed the company's work plan in 2018, and made detailed plans and arrangements with all employees on the launch of the automatic production line of the gas heat pump intelligent workshop, annual planned output, sales market analysis, and employee salaries. The rapid development of VICOT is the result of the collective wisdom, sweat and dedication of all cadres and employees. The results are inseparable from the hardship and hard work of all the employees. 2017 is a milestone year in the development history of Vicot. Thanks to all the employees. for their hard work! The new year of 2018 has arrived, and we will move forward with solid steps, sincere cooperation, with one heart and one mind, and create greater brilliance! Mr. Li expressed his New Year greetings and best wishes to all employees and their families at the end of the speech.

Finally, all employees of Vicot enjoyed the banquet and party prepared by the company for everyone. The wonderful solo saxophones, the big joint singing of songs from the Double Happiness group, the face-changing of the national quintessence, and the interspersed lottery activities brought the banquet atmosphere to a climax. The 2017 Vicot Annual Meeting came to a successful conclusion in cheers and laughter, amidst entwined cups, and sincere blessings from each other.


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