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Warmly welcome the leadership of the National New Energy Hea
Publisher:VicotRelease time:2017-04-06 11:26
Date: 2017.02.21
In the morning of February 20th, led by the National Energy Board New Energy Secretary Liang Zhipeng, in conjunction with the relevant experts formed a research group of 11 people, in Shandong Province Development and Reform Commission Wei Jianqiang director, Dezhou City Deputy Mayor Zhang Chuanzhong and Dezhou Economic Development Zone Development and Reform Commission, The CMC and other leaders’ accompanied, come to Shandong Vicot Solar Technology Co., Ltd. to guide the work. Vicot president Li Wen, director of financing Sun Xuegang, design dean Shi Wenbin warmly welcome and accompany for visiting.
First of all, Vicot president Li Wen expressed the warm welcome for research team. Subsequently, the research team that is led by Li Wen, visited the company's solar energy base, engine room and honor room. The research team listened carefully to the president Li Wen about Vicot’s gas fired absorption heat pump’s  energy-saving and emission reduction technology. They also knew about Vicot solar energy products’ energy-saving and environmental protection performance, strong market competitiveness, product sales and so on. During the visit, Director Liang Zhipeng inquired about the use, installation, project cases and their running condition all over the country of Vicot solar energy products. President Li Wen answered the questions detailedly.
After the visit, Director Liang Zhipeng expressed his highly appreciation and recognized for Vicot’s gas fired absorption heat pump and solar boiler in scientific and technological innovation, economic and social benefits, energy saving and environmental protection achievements.
Mr. Liang Peng visited our honor room

The leaders looked around our solar base

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