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Vacuum Receiver

About the receiver

it's one of the key components in the  parabolic trough collector system,consist of glass envelope, stainless steel receiver, flexible sealing device, the SS receiver has sunshine selective absorption coating, and it is vacuum between the glass envelope and SS receiver.

Receiver features

1. It adopts advanced glass and metal hot compression technology with our patent authorized sealing device, it solves the mismatch of
linear expansion coefficient between glass and metal SS304.
2. Selective absorption coating can withstand high temperature from 300℃ to 600℃ in a high vacuum condition, insuring the durable and stable absorption ratio and emission ratio in high temperature condition.
3. All the parts of the vacuum receiver is vacuumed in high temperature and high vacuum condition, with long lasting getter, insuring the vacuum in high degree.
4. Its connection ends are in concave and convex design with high precision for easy welding installation, insuring the straightness of system.

Vacuum receiver specification

Model   VZK84-32/2546
Length mm 2546
Glass tube Diameter (thickness) / mm φ84(2.0)mm
  Transmittance T≥92%
SS tube Diameter (thickness) / mm φ32 (2)mm
Weight kg 8.0
Operating pressure MPa ≤1.6
Selective coating Absorptance a≥92%
  Emissivity ε≤10% (at approx.200℃)
Vacuum degree   Gas pressure≤1×10-³ Pa
Max operation temperature 300
Ambient temperature -40~60
Impact resistance   Soild steel bail of φ30mm fails freely from a height of 0.8m on it and thereis no damage.