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Glass Reflector


About the glass reflector
The reflector is a key part of the parabolic trough collector, Vicot makes it with quality glass at high shape precision with silver coating for excellent reflectivity, and 6 different layers in total, as shown in next diagram, insures high reflectivity, durable life time and strength.

1. Made of glass with silver coating.
2.Durable, lifetime more than 20 years.
3. Capable of withstanding hailstone.
4. Mirror reflectivity ≥ 93.8%.
5. Strength test: Steel ball of 1cm diameter drops down freely from 1m high.

Parabolic Trough Collector Specification

Description Parameter
Collector length/unit 2.66m*
Parabolic opening wirth 1.86m
Collector total height 1.73m
Rotation center height 1.37m
Collector reflrvtive area/unit 5.0㎡
Transmission media L-QC320 Transmission oil
Recommended speed of oil 1.5~3 m/s
Operation temperature range 100~300℃
Weight/Collector aperture area 24.3 kg/㎡
Weight/Installation area 15kg/㎡ approximately
Focal Length 300mm
Ambient temperatures range -40~60℃
Max opreational wind speed 62km/h
Max operational wind speed 39km/h
Useful life expectancy 20 years
Collector solar thermal efficiency 55%
Receiver Absorptivity 0.92
Mirror reflectivity 0.92