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Vicot gas fired absorption chiller V30

Unit introduction
This unit is a VICOT new energy chiller unit. It uses natural gas primary energy as the main driving energy source, ammonia as the refrigerant, and water as the absorbent.
The thermal cycle is performed in a sealed pipeline, which is welded and completely tight. It is factory tested and does not require any maintenance or coolant replenishment.
  • Using natural gas as the main energy source, clean and pollution-free
  • The use of natural working fluid R717 does not damage the ozone layer, which is beneficial to protecting human living environment.
  • The unit can run stably under the environment of 21℃~52℃.
  • The unit adopts electronic expansion valve adjustment to adapt to a wide range of environmental temperature changes and meet different requirements of ambient temperature and water temperature.
  • There is no compressor in the unit, fewer moving parts and longer lifetime..
  • The blower of the unit adopts PWM speed regulation, and automatically adjusts the gas flow according to the heat demand, so as to realize the on-demand gas supply and high efficiency and energy saving.
  • The unit has various protection functions such as high pressure, high temperature, water shortage, electrical safety, gas safety, etc., to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the unit.
Item Unit Standard cooling conditions
Nominal cooling capacity See note 1 kW 30
Water outlet temperature Minimum value °C 3
Water flow Std value m³/h 4
Nominal water pressure drop At nominal water flow kPa ≤40
Ambient temperature Maximum value °C 52
Minimum value °C 21
Rated thermal input power Std value KW 37.2
Rated natural gas flow Std value m³/h 4.0
Electrical Specifications
Power supply
Voltage V 380
Types   Three phase
frequency Hz 50
Electrical input power Std value kW 1.4
Installation data
Noise dB(A) 54
Gas accessories Type   Inner wire
Thread In Rc 1/2″
Water accessories Type   Inner wire
Thread In Rc 1 1/4″(DN32)
Dimension Length mm 2180
Width mm 1380
Height mm 2100
Weight Net weight kg 1200
1. Nominal cooling capacity: ambient dry bulb temperature 35 ℃, water outlet temperature 7 ℃; there will be certain change of cooling capacity in different ambient temperature;
2. Natural gas lower heating value 33.5 MJ;
3. Test conditions: natural gas static pressure 2.5kPa;
4. The noise value is the average value in 5 meters away from the unit;
5. The specification is subject to the value in rating label, and no prior notice before any change