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GAP-V85, V105, V120, V140

GAP Brief Introduction


Gas fired Absorption heat Pump unit (hereinafter referred as GAP) , using natural gas as the driven energy, ammonia (R717) as the refrigerant and water as the absorbent, can realize the high-efficiency heating function through GAX circulation, which can meet the demand of the domestic hot water, air conditioning, heating and other various forms of  hot water demand


GAP Features

THREE LOWs: low investment, low operation cost, low emission
TWO HIGHs: high capability of preventing investment risk, high ability of solving the problem unstable lodging ratio

Low Investment
1. Durable in low ambient temperature, less capacity attenuation
VICOT GAP can operate in - 30 °C, less capacity attenuation, high output capacity, the total equipment quantity is less for same load and investment is less.

2. Frost free, no attenuation
Vicot GAP adopts frost free technology, there is almost no frost in the most severe condition of 0 ℃ 95%. No frost attenuation and the total equipment quantity is less for same load and investment is less.

3. No secondary network
It can directly installed on the roof of the building for heating, no secondary network is required and low investment.

4. Modular combination, stepless energy adjustment
single unit or multiple units can be applied, it effectively reduces investment.

Low Operation Cost
Free air source energy; Free solar energy; Natural gas price
1. Uses cheaper primary energy;
2. Uses free air source energy, COP up to 1.8;
3. GAP can be installed on the roof of the building for heating, no heat loss of large scale heating network and secondary network;
4. GAP adopts frost free and low ambient durable technology, its capacity is improved to against low temp. and high humidity ambient, the natural gas consumption is dramatically reduced;
5. GAP modular combination,stepless energy regulation, the unit number can be adjusted according to room heating load with stepless energy regulation, avoids the waste of heat.

Low Emission
1.  GAP adopts heat pump principle, natural gas consumption amount is 45% of conventional boiler, and emission is reduced by 55%.
2. GAP adopts advanced premixing combustion technology, the nitrogen oxide emission is in international leading level.


GAP emission amount (Unit: mg/m³)

Emission description National boiler standard National emission standard of gas turbine power plant Emission standard of boiler in Beijing GAP emission
SO2 emission concentration 50 35
10 9
NOx emission concentration 150 50 30 27
particle concentration 20 5 5 2.3
smoke blackness ≤1 ≤1 ≤1 <1

Reference standard:
GB13271-2014 Newly built boiler requirement in boiler emission standard
GB13223-2011 Coal fired power plant emission standard
DB11/139-2015 Emission standarg of boiler in Beijing

Safe from Investment Risk
Vicot GAP can be installed in steps after the building construction done, it can effectively increase the client's capacity against investment risk and reduce capital cost.

Safe from Occupancy Instability
1. Occupancy instability is out of control of heating supply company, it is a business killer.
2. VICOT GAP can work in single unit or multiple units, with stepless capacity adjustment, it fundamentally improves the heating supply company’s capacity against occupancy instability, converts “out of control" into "under control" and increases stability of making profit.


GAP Technical Parameter

1. Nominal heating capacity: ambient  dry bulb temperature 15℃,  water outlet temperature 41 ℃; there will be certain change of heating capacity in different ambient temperature;
2. Natural gas lower heating value 33.5 MJ/Nm3;
3. Test condition: natural gas static pressure 2.5 kPa;
4. The noise value is the average value in 5 meters away from the unit;
5. The specification is subject to the value in rating label, and no prior notice before any change.

GAP Certificate