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GAP brief introduction

Gas fired Absorption heat Pump unit (hereinafter referred as GAP) , using natural gas as the driven energy, ammonia (R717) as the refrigerant and water as the absorbent, can realize the high-efficiency heating function through GAX circulation, which can meet the demand of the domestic hot water, air conditioning, heating and other various forms of  hot water demand.

Product Features

● Low Operation Cost

Item Air source gas fired
absorption heat pump
Electric compressor
air source heat pump
Condensing boiler Standard boiler
Renewable energy Air Aur No No
Heating cost
19.89 31.68 34.56 38.10

Note: The above data is based on the heating in Beijing, design load: 50W/m²; water supply temperature 50 ℃; electricity cost: RMB0.55/kWh; natural gas cost: RMB3/m²

● Low Emission

(1) GAP adopts heat pump principle, natural gas consumption amount is 45% of conventional boiler, and emission is reduced by 55%.
(2) GAP adopts advanced premixing combustion technology, the nitrogen oxide emission is in international leading level.
(3) SO2 emission concentration 9 mg/m³, NOemission concentration 27 mg/m³, particle concentration 2.3 mg/m³, smoke blackness <1 Ringelmann.

● Remote Control, Worry Free Operation

There is an intelligent built in CPU in each GAP before leaving factory, the operation status of GAP can be monitored and operation parameter can be set through internet in our headquarter, to ensure the unit operation performance and in economic consumption status and save the operation cost; it is optional to check the maintenance at site and keep the client away from worry of operation; the unit self- diagnosis function can be controlled and unit will have self-diagnosis after operation of certain period and adjust the problem occurs during operation.

● "Frost Free" Heat Pump

(1) Adopts brand new anti-frost technology, prevent the formation of frost and effectively extend the frost interval up to more than 3 hours.
(2) Defrost energy consumption is reduced to below 5%.

● Capable of Operation in Ambient -30℃

Unit operation ambient temperature range is from-30% C to 43 "C, not afraid of low ambient temp.
● Intelligent Control, Stepless Capacity Adjustment

The unit starts in low frequency and operates in high frequency to reach the set temperature quickly.The unit will operate in low frequency to maintain the room temp. When the set temp. Reached, the room temp. Is constant and more comfortable. 
● Super Quiet Operation, the Quietest Heat Pump in Market

(1) No compressor is used, much quieter than electric air source heat pump.
(2) Adopts optimized fan blades, dramatically reduces operation noise.
(3) Adopts vibration isolator at base, suitable for insallation on ground and rooftop.

● Total Heat Recovery, Higher Efficiency

(1) System thermal energy utilization at high efficiency and more energy saving,
(2) Unique insulation design of heat exchanger, more safety.

Technical Parameter--V20
  1. Nominal heating capacity: ambient  dry bulb temperature 7℃, ambient  wet bulb temperature 6℃, water outlet temperature 45 ℃; there will be certain change of heating capacity in different ambient temperature;
  2. Natural gas lower heating value 34.02 MJ/Nm3;
  3. Test condition: natural gas static pressure 2.5 kPa;
  4. The noise value is the average value in 5 meters away from the unit;
  5. The specification is subject to the value in rating label, and no prior notice before any change.